5 Stress Management Tips to Follow

The second part of our health and nutrition coaching focuses on mental well-being. Just like a proper nutrition plan can help target and eliminate some of the root causes of a plethora of chronic illnesses, mental well-being and stress management is another crucial aspect of functional medicine.

Our beliefs are led by world-renowned functional medicine practitioners like Dr. Margaret Apostol and Dr. Dale Bredesen, and we understand just how important mental wellness is for so many aspects of life. By utilizing functional medicine in our treatment, we understand that no part of a disease is compartmentalized. Everything happening in your body affects another part of your body, and medical treatment must follow that same holistic mindset.

When looking at a disease holistically, it allows us to realize that the symptoms aren’t the most important thing to focus on. Yes, alleviating symptoms is important for successful treatment, but identifying the causes which brought about those symptoms is priority #1.

Time and time again, we see the effects that underlying stress can have in the development of anxiety, depression, Type II Diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Managing those stresses in a healthy way can be crucial in eliminating these chronic illnesses. Here are five tips to keep in mind to help manage stress in your life.

Frequent Exercise

Here at LifeSeasons Medical Clinic, we are passionate about the effects that proper exercise has on every patient. Not only does it help keep muscles strong and healthy, frequent exercise also has massive impacts on your mood and peace of mind. Exercise is actually a wonderful way to help relax your mind and body, and our team of nutritionists can help curate an exercise program with the proper intensity for your goals.

Adequate Rest

Life needs balance, and that doesn’t change when it comes to juggling activity versus rest. Yes, it’s important to maintain your exercise and activity levels, but it’s just as important to make time for rest. Stressors come at us from so many different directions in life — work, family, finances — and if we let those things take over without resting, the stress can build to unmanageable levels. Take some time to yourself to relax in a healthy manner, including sleep, massages, and baths.


To be frank, you can’t avoid many of the stressful situations in your life. Things happen that cause you to worry, and that’s okay. How you respond to that situation, though, is vital in properly managing stress. Deep breathing and meditation are some of the best ways to actively rid your body of the stressors that cause you to feel anxious and worried. If you can work it into your weekly routine, take some time to meditate as it helps release tension in your body and mind.

Make Time For Happiness

Find a hobby that makes you happy, then do it. This looks vastly different for everyone and their schedules — some people have multiple hours of free time every day while others can barely squeeze in a few minutes. However, saving time to do things that make you happy every day will have substantial impacts on your mood and can remove you from stressful situations and mindsets. Whether it be slowly reading a new book a couple pages at a time, spending time out in nature, or watching a movie, do things that bring you joy.

Be Open

Again, it’s how you respond to stressful situations that allows you to manage your stress successfully. Being open and communicative is so incredibly important in every aspect of your life. When a stressful day of treatment ruins your day, tell someone about it and vent in a healthy fashion. If you are worried about upcoming surgeries or treatments, find someone to share those struggles with. At the same time, make sure you openly rejoice your triumphs and good days with your loved ones — it will make them that much more enjoyable!

Turn to Your LifeSeasons Medical Clinic Team

We mean it when we say we’ll be with you through every step of your treatment. From nutritional guidance to mental health, there are so many factors that lead to a successful treatment plan. When you’re ready to experience the difference that functional medicine can have in the treatment and prevention of your chronic illness, turn to LifeSeasons Medical Clinic!