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Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Take Back Your Health With the Leaders in Alzheimer’s Research

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Combating Alzheimer’s and Dementia With Functional Medicine

Have you noticed cognitive decline in yourself or a loved one? Do you want to receive treatment from some of the leading minds in Alzheimer’s research? Welcome to LifeSeasons Medical Clinic, the functional medicine clinic in Dallas committed to providing the best care and treatment for those experiencing cognitive impairment. Backed by Dr. Dale Bredesen and the Bredesen Protocol, LifeSeasons Medical Clinic makes a point to discover root causes of the disease to provide the most complete care. If you’re ready to experience the difference that functional medicine can make in the Alzheimer’s treatment of you or a loved one, get started with LifeSeasons Medical Clinic today.

What makes our approach to Alzheimer’s treatment different?

  • LSMC is the only clinic backed by Dr. Dale Bredesen and the ReCODE Protocol
  • Our focus on functional medicine approaches the disease holistically
  • We have access to cutting-edge technology, including the eVox® System and NeuroQuant® MRI interpretation
  • We provide complete family risk analysis, genetic testing, and assessment of unique lifestyle risk factors
  • Our staff of functional medicine experts provides unbeatable care and support
  • Here at LifeSeasons Medical Clinic, our focus on functional medicine allows us to set ourselves apart in the world of Alzheimer’s treatment. In its simplest terms, functional medicine approaches a disease holistically with the ultimate goal of discovering the root cause of a disease.

    We take a holistic approach to medicine because we recognize the natural relationship between body parts. As opposed to conventional medicine — which compartmentalizes symptoms and areas of the body — functional medicine focuses on your entire body, analyzes lifestyle choices and genetic factors, and creates individualized plans for each patient. So what does that look like in terms of Alzheimer's disease?

    Functional Medicine and Alzheimer's disease

    Far too often, patients with Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment, or another form of dementia are told they have an irreversible, untreatable disease. Not only does that cause added stress and doubt for the individual and their loved ones, it’s not true.

    We believe in the power of finding root causes for diseases rather than trying to alleviate the symptoms they cause. In doing so, we have a better chance of changing the habits surrounding those root causes and reversing the disease all together. Our approach to Alzheimer’s treatment is no different.

    Traditional medicine is useful and necessary, but when it comes to identifying causes of, preventing, and reversing Alzheimer's disease, it simply is not enough. Whereas traditional medicine and prescriptions may help alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, they do nothing to actually address what caused the disease in the first place. That’s where functional medicine comes in.

    Why Is This Approach Necessary?

    If you know someone with Alzheimer's disease, you understand just how damaging the disease is for everyone involved. The scary truth is that it doesn’t just impact a small group of people; it affects entire families and communities. According to the Alzheimer's Association, 5 million people are living with Alzheimer’s in the United States alone, a figure estimated to nearly triple in the next 30 years.

    What many people do not realize is that Alzheimer’s is more than a memory-loss disease; it’s a killer. It is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and takes more lives than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. The numbers are staggering, and without changing the way we approach the disease, it will continue to devastate families throughout the world.

    How Can Functional Medicine Treat Alzheimer's disease?

    As we introduced above, the main goal of functional medicine is identifying what causes a disease so we can change those habits and prevent — and in some cases reverse — the disease. Alzheimer’s is caused by a combination of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Fortunately, scientists have discovered that it is caused by specific genetic changes that all but guarantee its onset less than 1% of the time. In other words, 99% of cases can benefit from intentional changes to lifestyle and environmental factors.

    While direct causes of the disease are still not fully understood, we know it revolves around an imbalance of proteins within the brain that disrupt its normal, healthy function. This is tremendous news as it allows us to work with patients experiencing cognitive decline to help restore that balance through intentional activities and practices.

    Part of the beauty of functional medicine is the individualized approach it creates for every patient. By identifying individual root causes that could be affecting the functionality of proteins within the brain, we work with patients to create custom plans intended to holistically respond to the disease. Continue reading below to learn more about what makes LifeSeasons Medical Clinic unique, including our partnership with Dr. Dale Bredesen.

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    Dr. Dale Bredesen and the ReCODE Protocol

    As an internationally recognized expert in neurodegenerative diseases, Dr. Dale Bredesen has established himself as one of the leading minds in Alzheimer's disease research, and we are proud to work hand-in-hand with him in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Known for his New York Time’s Best-Seller, The End of Alzheimer’s, which lays out his groundbreaking, functional-medicine approach to Alzheimer’s research, Dr. Bredesen’s efforts have always focused on not just treating the disease, but preventing and reversing it.

    Here at LifeSeasons Medical Clinic, we have earned the endorsement of Dr. Dale Bredesen and implement his practices of functional medicine in relation to Alzheimer's disease. This holistic approach to treatment has been adopted by professionals nationwide and is proven to enhance cognition and reverse decline.

    Key Takeaways

    Dr. Bredesen’s research has always been guided by the belief that Alzheimer's disease is preventable and reversible. The starting point of that revolves around determining if someone is at risk of developing the disease, and more importantly, why they are at risk. From there, functional medicine practitioners and patients work together to create individualized treatment plans.

    Before getting there, though, it's important to understand what Alzheimer's disease is. Dr. Bredesen uses the analogy of a master switch within the brain called amyloid precursor protein (APP). Sensors for numerous things, including hormones, nutrients, and information, these proteins split into two healthy peptides which mediate growth and maintenance when functioning properly.

    However, when APP is met with pathogens, it is split into four peptide fragments. Rather than foster growth and maintenance, these peptides mediate retraction and protection. Now, instead of billions of neurons working together to create new connections and balance remaining ones, the brain struggles to build connections and eliminates existing ones as those peptides go into a protective mode. To eliminate this, Dr. Bredesen focuses his approach on restoring balance to the brain.


    Throughout his magnificent research, Dr. Bredesen makes it clear that Alzheimer’s does not result from a singular cause, but rather a cluster of causes that combine to affect the function of proteins within the brain. As such, it cannot be treated by a singular, universal drug.

    However, by identifying some of the causes of those protein imbalances, practitioners of the Bredesen Protocol can work with patients to customize plans that are individualized for them. These causes can include infections, metabolic abnormalities, exposure to toxins, reduced hormones, and much more. While the bad news is that there are potentially dozens of contributing factors, nearly all of them are identifiable and treatable.

    While there are no two treatment plans that are identical to one another, they follow these similar guidelines:

    Identify and fix the correctable underlying causes

    Enact lifestyle changes to increase neuropathic factors

    Utilize diet and other treatment to improve health

    Optimize hormones and important biomarkers through key supplements and herbs

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    What You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s

    While there is no one-size-fits-all tactic to Alzheimer’s prevention, there are preventative measures you can take to help reduce potential causes before they arise. Your brain is one of the most precious gifts available to you, and taking early measures to protect it is crucial for your overall health.

    By looking at Alzheimer's disease through the functional medicine lens, we are making the effort to thwart some of the underlying causes before they begin. Though not entirely conclusive, these are some of the many lifestyle changes that could help you or a loved one avoid Alzheimer's disease.

    Protect Your Heart

    Studies have shown that many conditions which have been proven to increase risk of cardiovascular disease present the simliar risks of developing Alzheimer’s. High blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, and high cholesterol are just some of the vascular conditions which could also be linked to Alzheimer’s development. There are many ways to improve your cardiovascular health, and in turn remove some of the possible causes of Alzheimer's disease, including:

    Routine physical exercise can work wonders for all parts of your body, including the brain. Exercise has been shown to increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain, helping it function properly. Combined with its known benefits to cardiovascular health, implementing an exercise routine can improve many aspects of your health.

    There are many heart-healthy eating routines out there, and implementing one in your diet can improve your brain health as well. Unsurprisingly, many of these plans include limiting sugars and saturated fats while increasing consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, nuts, and other healthy fats.

    Smoking is one of the major causes of cardiovascular disease, and there is growing evidence that it also increases the risk of cognitive decline. Eliminating tobacco usage and other harmful substances can decrease the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

    Flexing your intellectual muscles can improve your brain’s health. This can be done in a variety of ways, including building something new, testing yourself with trivia, and challenging yourself to work through strategic games. Though research is still being done, challenging your brain is believed to strengthen the connections between some nerve cells in the brain. Remember Dr. Bredesen’s “master switch” analogy from above? By improving connections between proteins in the brain, you improve the chances that those APPs foster growth and maintenance rather than the shrinkage and protection commonly associated with Alzheimer’s.

    The more studies that come out on mental health, the more we realize just how important it is, and its connection to Alzheimer's disease is no different. Some studies have been able to find a link between depression and cognitive decline. If you are experiencing depression, please make the effort to seek medical treatment for your current and future health. If a loved one is experiencing depression, make sure they are not battling alone. Remaining socially engaged and being open about your mental health successes and struggles can be a great starting place.

    Find the Best Alzheimer’s Care With LifeSeasons Medical Clinic

    With the help of Dr. Bredesen and the Bredesen Protocol, our team of functional medicine experts is committed to providing the best care possible for you or a loved one experiencing Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment, or another form of dementia. We believe functional medicine has the power to do more than just treat Alzheimer's disease; it can prevent it and reverse it.

    Dr. Bredesen has already shown the power of functional medicine through the results published in The End of Alzheimer’s, and we’re thrilled to continue building on those results. When you turn to LifeSeasons Medical Clinic, we will work with you to create a customized plan of attack against cognitive decline with the ultimate goal of discovering root causes and reversing its course.

    If you’re ready to experience the difference an individualized, holistic approach to Alzheimer's disease can make on your life or that of a loved one, reach out to LifeSeasons Medical Clinic today!

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