Alzheimer’s and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Did you know that 45 of every 318 million people are expected to develop Alzheimer’s Disease? As people age, cognitive decline is a major concern among our patients. Here at LifeSeasons Medical Clinic, we have partnered with internationally recognized neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen to offer the Bredesen Protocol, a form of Alzheimer’s treatment that is known for halting and reversing the disease. Drawing from the Bredesen Protocol, we evaluate the 36-diverse genetic and metabolic factors that influence your cognitive wellness. This screening determines your cognitive subtype and directs your treatment course so we have the best opportunity to detect Alzheimer’s. Early symptom evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations may include:

  • Assessing memory loss and cognitive disorders using the cutting-edge eVox® System
  • Comprehensive subtype testing through AHNP Health
  • NeuroQuant® MRI interpretation
  • Complete family risk analysis, genetic testing, and assessment of unique lifestyle risk factors
  • Key nutrients in the correct molecular forms for your brain
  • Safe anti-inflammatory supplements
  • Anti-inflammatory foods and other brain-nourishing dietary choices
  • Support for gut integrity and function
  • Optimization of blood glucose levels
  • Hormone support
  • Improved essential fatty acid intake
  • Detoxification of environmental toxins, metals, or mold/mycotoxins
  • Diagnosing and addressing underlying chronic infection (Lyme’s, Epstein Barr)